Free thinking, innovative risk takers.

It starts with neccesity

Atlas.Careers started out of neccesity. We were frustrated with the lack of tools available for the most important part of everyone's lives. Jobs. Careers. Any word you want to use to describe your livelyhood. Atlas started as a dream. After many hours of hard work, energy drinks, beef jerky, kitty scratches, 12 hour long apartment work sessions and beer, this dream came to fruition.

Our Mission..

Everyone needs a job. We want to help people in their time of need. From being unhappy where they are, to being unemployed and stressed struggling to make ends meet. We want everyone to benefit from Atlas.Careers. Including employers and recruiters. We fine tune each part of our website specifically for your needs.

Our Vision..

We believe in a world where nobody struggles to find a job as much as we believe employers should never struggle to find awesome candidates.

Meet Our Team..

We team up with bright people.

Our Partners

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